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Professionals have been using single-disc machines for years, the traditional machines have a disadvantage in that they are very large and heavy - inexperienced DIY users find them difficult to work with. In contrast, Osmo FloorXcenter is very easy and manageable. It has a soap dispenser which enables the user to dispense the optimal amount of pre-loaded cleaner, such as a mixture of Osmo Wash and Care for easy maintenance. Wooden floors must not get too wet, so with the dispenser it is easy to control how much liquid is being used. The FloorXcenter has several extra pads that can fulfill various functions such as cleaning, resurfacing, staining and maintaining wooden floors. For cleaning, either the white pad or brushing ring can be used, both of which work in combination with the cleaning concentrate and the mechanical movement of the machine to loosen dirt from the pores of the wood. The microfibre pad is used in a similar way to a floor mop that is moistened with water and can easily remove the dirt that has been loosened from cleaning.

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Microfibre Pad
Removal of dirt and moisture

Tones: image 2 0f 4 thumb

White Pad
Application and basic cleaning

Tones: image 3 0f 4 thumb

Red Brushing Ring
Removal of stubborn stains

Tones: image 4 0f 4 thumb

Red Pad
Extreme cleaning

  • AC motor: 230, 50Hz
  • Nominal consumption: 290W, 1.25A
  • Working width: 300mm
  • Cable length: 7.5m

  • With the right machines, even non-professionals can refurbish their own flooring. Many dealers offer their customers the possibility to rent the Osmo FloorXcenter. Although the purchase is worth it for all those whose flooring faces strong soiling or mechanical wear and tear.
  • For thorough and intensive cleaning of wooden floors, use with Osmo Intensive Cleaner.
  • Restoration of dull and worn flooring can easily be done by using with Osmo Maintenance Oil.
  • This machine is vital for applying coloured wood finishes to flooring such as Osmo Oil Stain.
  • FloorXcenter is appropriate for re-oiling wooden flooring with Osmo Polyx-Oil 2K.


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