Community Giveaway

Osmo UK has a special gift for you this Christmas! We're giving away any Osmo product of your choice as well as the recommended tools, accessories and maintenance products to go with.

Each day a door will open from the Osmo UK Advent Calendar shown below, which will reveal a clue to help you identify the product code.

To win, simply join our Osmo UK Community group via Facebook to participate and be the first to guess correctly the 4-digit product code of the mystery product. 

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Advent Calendar Clues

Clue #1:

A gift has been left unwrapped. What can this be used with?

The gift is the Osmo Roller & Brush Set. This can be used to apply the mystery product.

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Clue #2:

A beautiful decoration on the Christmas tree. Do you know what happens when the seeds are extracted from this sunflower?

Sunflower oil is one of the main ingredients of the product.

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Clue #3:

The Osmo tin is holding up the Christmas tree. Each tin can be identified either as an interior or exterior product simply by the colour of the rim on the label.

The green label is for exterior products.

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Clue #4:

Every year Santa and his reindeers manage something special overnight, covering the whole world in around 4-6hrs. What else could be done within this time?

The drying time for the mystery product is approx. 4-6 hours between coats.

Clue #5:

Grey is the colour of the star on top of our Christmas tree, what's yours?

The colour of the star is grey, the colour tone for the product is a shade of grey.

Clue #6:

Which small tin is used as a Christmas tree decoration?

Compare our product tins from our brochures and you might see which product it is.

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Clue #7:

What is Santa holding? What is he planning on doing with that?

Santa is holding the Osmo Microfibre Roller, one of the recommended application methods for the product.

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Clue #8:

Santa has forgot to wrap another gift. How well do you know your labels?

The unwrapped gift shows the product range.

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Clue #9:

The fencing looks very much like Osmo Bella Vista screens, pre-finished with a particular colour tone. Is it the A or B range?

Bella Vista A and Bella Vista B screens can be pre-finished in any colour tone. There are 50+ shades of grey, but to help narrow down, the letter A or B helps alot.

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Clue #10:

A painting of a decorative oil - or a decorative oil paint?

The main description of the product on our literature is that it is a 'decorative oil' stain.

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Clue #11:

The decking is in need of a treatment, it's a good thing Osmo has just the product for that!

Product is also suitable for use on decking.

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Clue #12:

I recognise that building. I’m sure we have a tin with that house on it?

The main image on the label of the product has this house on the tin.

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Clue #13:

Reminder: If you asked Santa for some Osmo products this year. You better get him to order some by Monday or it might be too late! Monday 17th December is the last day for ordering on Standard Delivery to ensure you receive your order before Christmas. Otherwise, Friday 21st December is the last day for ordering on Express Delivery.

Order now to receive delivery before Christmas!

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Clue #14:

That’s not a 'standard' Snowman’s hand. What number is he trying to show us?

(there were 17 'standard' colours within the product range when this image was made, but there are now 18 ) - but more importantly, are there special colours available also?

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Clue #15:

Where is Santa going? He has 'mixed' choices.

The Color Lab in Germany is where all special RAL and NCS colour tones are mixed.

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Clue #16:

What is the hidden message in the fence panels?

The hidden message is K7. This refers to a particular RAL colour swatch.

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Clue #18:

Are those numbers creating traffic?

The primary colours Red, Green and Blue can create any colour tone when the mixed to the correct ratio.

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Clue #19:

That's a 'special' Snowman’s hand. What number is he trying to show us?

There are 186 'special' RAL colour tones available to choose from.

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Clue #20:

The girl has been mixing with many colours in the laboratory.

The product is a special RAL colour, mixed from the Color Lab in Germany.

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Clue #21:

The printer has ran out of ink again. It’s a good thing we have just enough cartridges left for the colour we need.

Mix the cartridges with the numbers (CMYK) given to work out the product code.

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Clue #22:

Nice car. Although the letter on the logo stands out.

The car is a Bentley. There are lots of grey colours to choose from but the letter on this car's logo helps alot.

Clue #23:

Osmo Holz und Color GmBH Product Manager might know what these figures mean. His name is Roman, he’s good with the numeric system.

The product code is provided in roman numerals.

Clue #24:

As we're counting the days down til Christmas, we're having a 'take-away' this evening! If you know the product codes for Osmo Brush Cleaner and Thinner, Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain Pearl Grey, Osmo Decking Oils Garapa, Bangkirai Dark and Bog Oak then you'll Christmas Cracker the code!

Takeaway the numbers using the product codes of the mentioned products.