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Powerful cleaning agent for the refreshing and cleaning of weathered exterior wood. The high energy UV rays from the sun destory the lignin in wood: It greys over time. Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel has been specially developed to restore the wood back to original colour and character. Easy to apply with a brush, even on vertical structures thanks to the non-drip formula. The deep penetrating effect of the gel is most effective on untreated surfaces with results showing within just 30 minutes!


  • Product code: 6609
  • Approx. coverage : 10m²/L
  • Sizes: 0.500L, 2.5L


  • Restores the natural characteristic of unweathered wood; the fresh, warm colour tone is visible again
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Odourless and biodegradable


In order to achieve professional results, Wood Orbiter is an intensive cleaning machine for the restoration of wooden flooring and decking. Dissolves and absorbs dirt in one simple process, extremely quick and easy. Back-friendly cleaning, with little or no effort required. Exterior deckings can be cleaned, maintained and even brought back to original character after looking worn and aged. Wooden floors can be refreshed after looking worn and dull, without the need for sanding.

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  • Dampen the surface with water first, and apply the gel generously with a brush. Leave to soak for 20 minutes and scrub with a hard bristle brush or scrubber and lots of water.
  • Wood Reviver is most effective when applied onto untreated timber as certain treatments may block the revival process - always trial apply.
  • After use, protect the surface with a suitable finish from Osmo.
  • Surface can be finished after approx. 48 hours.
  • Depending on the extent of the greying, rinsing with water may be sufficient or a stiff brush may be neccessary to scrub clean the surface. The process may need to be repeated for severe greying.